Saturday, January 24, 2009

Adventures in the night

Thursday we went back to Le Club Mix for another raging dance party... I think its already becoming tradition. After all, its free for foreigners.. and I do love being foreign. Being a little less drunk this time had its benefits. For example, I learned (which I failed to recognize the last time) that the bathrooms are completely open and unisex.. its one big room with urinals, stalls, and sinks... with a turnstyle to get in and out. People can literally watch you pee. How fun. I also noticed that the platforms where you dance are much smaller than previously thought.. they fit about 5 people on each.. we somehow managed to cram like 10 tho.

The night was already fabulous when they started playing, who else, Britney. Europeans love Britney, and American pop music in general, but they are always behind the times. Songs we raged to a few years ago are popular now (and they think they are so far ahead of the Americans.. hah) This night however seemed to be the exception. Womanizer and Circus premiered, to my pleasure, along with a mélange of Katy Perry and T-Pain. Still, the climax (seriously) was when Jump Around came on... now imagine taking all of the students in madison jumping to this song, and turning them into beautiful europeans, hot and sweaty in a huge dance club at 2am in the morning... yea... Priya managed to push some rando girl off of the dance stage to make room and view to other Madisonians who would understand the hype. 

Yesterday Anna came! FORMIDABLE! bearing gifts of expensive liquors. Very excited after our super-Parisian street greeting like two long separated lovers, we started drinking at around 6... very early here.. and with Jen, headed to meet up with the rest of the people at our school for free beer! Rage. The basement of our school is a cool cheap bar where students hang out to pregame for the bars, which are a pregame for the clubs. Also, you can smoke in here.. like the only place left in Paris. After we proceeded on to random bars in the Bastille area, meandering our way around Paris à nuit. Being sure to stop for gyros for sustenance before dancing all night, we stuffed ourself, and headed to the club. It was a big absynthe party (although bottles were 150 euro so we still stuck with cheaper drinks.. still 10 euro each.. ugh.. this city) and throwing out that we are students at ESCP (ok Jen and Anna faked it) we got to skip the cover charge of 20 euro.. love it) 

Lets just say that the night ended with Anna, Kabir, and I literally walking miles back home because Paris is full of taxis at night, just no empty ones. Literally, maybe 200 taxis passed us all full. Of course the metro stops at 2:00am also, bullshit, so that was not an option. Interesting to note, a few boulangeries were open at 3:00am... which I dont understand, seeing as they bake things in the morning, no less than 20 hours beforehand. I guess thats drunk food for Parisians.. croissants and crèpes. Why are they all so in shape..? When we arrive chez nous, Jen (who left after us) is there to get her keys from my room. 

That night, Anna and I spooned.


  1. bahahha I'm so happy I pushed people off because we needed to rage to jump around!

  2. OMGGGGGGGGG 10 E a drink???? God damn!

    I also like how your blog is like 99% english with some french mixed in. I think the more you stay there the less English should be in your lbog posts. Just sayin...

  3. you are hysterical.

    i fear you are going to come back as an even larger alcoholic than when you began, if that's possible.