Friday, January 16, 2009

Fact: I Love Paris

Best day of my life... fo'real yo

Our group decided that taking the test which covered everything we learned this past week in school was faaar over-rated, so we didn't. Instead of getting up at 8, crawled out of bed at around 10. We had planned to have a long, adventurous day... and we did. 

First, the Louvre. This thing is fucking huge. Shit. Where to start? Duh.. Winged Victory? Mona Lisa anyone? Which MILE of the museum shall we explore first. We made our way around about .001% of the museum in a hour or so we were there. (Oh, our school gets us free passes... for the year!... by saying we are étudiants d'histoire. amazing.) Realizing we live a 10 minute metro ride away, and that it was beautiful out, we decide to explore the pyramid and the rest of the exterior of the museum. Easily distracted as we are by a beautiful Paris afternoon, we spot the Eiffel Tower in the distance and think "Why not?" We've seen it at night, a day-time view would be nice... and so we meander.

Ok, France is a fashionable place, of course... but the people jogging in the streets and paths in this area... wearing sweaters... SCARVES... for running??!!? Really. We have pictures.

We may have misjudged the distance to the tour and after a while decide it would be a perfect day to go to the place I have been waiting to see for many many years... Le Sacré-Coeur.. the sexy white basilica at the top of the hill (mountain more like... try climbing those stairs) in Montemartre. Most beautiful thing in the world. Climbing up those stairs and looking out over Paris for miles... also fucking amazing. Near the top was a frenchie singing with a guitar to a crowd of people. French songs? Not a chance. We heard Torn as we approach. Amazing! The Sacré -Coeur was literally breathtaking. I was somewhat shaking from being in its presence. Rage!

That night we went to this club called Le Mix. Every thursday its Erasmus night (which is the exchange program study abroad thing for Europeans) All you have to do is prove your not French and there is no cover charge. Thus, its a gigantic sweaty club BOOMING with American and Euro dance music full of people from around the globe. Every thursday... yes! There is nothing that comes close to the amazingness of this place at all in America. Why do we live there again? Its open till 7am. RAGE! Also, finding beautiful people to take home must be so easy for the regulars. 

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