Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hey Michelle, lookin' good!

This was my first week of class. I have three... Advertising and Media on tuesdays at 1:30, Marketing Research on wednesdays at 1:30 and Int'l Business Management at 9am on thursdays (such a big workload I know). The classes are three hours long which is no fun, but having them once a week is grand!

We walk into our first class yesterday where a harsh German of 30-ish pushes (more like flips) his greased hair out of his eye and greets us in an unmistakable accent. The class is decent, it appears there is no homework in any class, just a project and one exam. Oh, and because we can miss two of 10 classes without penalty.. I could in theory take two more weeks off of school. Europeans learn nothing apparently.. and this is one of the TOP business schools in Paris. Yikes!

Today was Marketing Research where a relaxed and almost too-friendly Brit greets us.. until we learned he wasn't a Brit at all, but another German. His accent really threw me. He, however, is nothing like his comrade, he waited about 15 extra minutes for more students to arrive late and strolled round the class leisurely for the remainder of the 2 hours and 45 minutes left, with the exception of the three breaks he gave us to chat amongst ourselves and get coffee.

By the way, Katie and I came to a general conclusion that France smells like three things and only three things at any given time. Cigarettes, urine, or fresh-baked croissants. The first is a general haziness of Paris.. and it may be more of a feeling than a real physical actuality. The second is almost entirely contained to the metro... which is odd because the metro is highly efficient in terms of trains and general transport and often nicely decorated. The third is more often than not it seems, since there is a boulangerie/pattiserie on every corner and on every corner that there is not, there's a brasserie/café which sells pains et croissaints et tartes.

Shopping in Paris is unmatched. They have Soldes (sales) every year in January and June (I think... it may be may.. or july) where everything is 50% to 70% off... H&M is already cheap.. try it now. There are, of course, thousands of new, Europe-only stores that are even better and more fab with sales equally as good. Converting to dollars sucks... but I try not to think about that. I found an amazing leather messenger bag for 24 euro... it was on sale.. and the woman rang it up wrong. Score! Suuchhh a big score. My purchases for that day also consisted of socks, a scarf, and a button down short for 11 euro. yes.

Well, last night was Obama's inauguration. For those in the States, an 11am or noon viewing must have been thrilling. However, en France, his speech came at 6pm.. a little early to start partying for the Parisians.. but that didn't stop the Americans. 

We heard of several bars and a club actually throwing a party Obama-style.. I guess they do love him over here, so at 5:30-ish we headed off to find some booze and TV showing our beloved new halfzie Barack. After much drinking (especially by me) and waiting for some friends to arrive (a homeless man pulled the emergency stop on the metro.. delaying them by an hour) a few of us proceeded to a club called Queen for the Obama party. It may have been the strangest thing I have ever witnessed. A usually gay bar on the Champs-Élysées in Paris transformed to a giant dance hall blaring American 60's, 70's and 80's music to miles of streaming American flags and a GIGANTIC TV screen of Barack and friends. Fun, but safe to say it got old. This is a place to rage until 7am usually, but we called it quits after a couple hours. I told the bounces who asked us why we were leaving so early "Il y a TROP de musique américaine ici" to which he replied "Are you not American (translated)?" .... hahaha... yes, yes I am bouncer/coat check man... but how do I explain. Oh well.

Rachael, I owe you a drink just for being there to endure all of that with me ;)

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