Thursday, January 15, 2009

School Sucks...

Our second day was awful, school-wise. Being the badasses we are, Priya, Molly, and I decided to skip the second have of our orientation (which turned out to be an actual class of French history, European history, French figures in history, etc.) and instead head to Notre Dâme. Yes... skipping school is Paris is the most rewarding this EVER! It didnt help that one of the professors was an American now living in Paris... and not any American, one of those "now that I'm French I disown my heritage and am far to superior to all of you still-American Americans...." and she was a bitch in general. And soooo boring.

We took the metro to Ile-de-la-Cité, the island where Notre Dâme is located... and the first vestiges of today's Paris we all know and love, and love to hate. I showed my superior skills in the art of the French language by asking the cutest old couple of French men, "Savez-vous où se trouve Notre-Dâme" with a mix of "exusez-moi"s and "pardons" and an accompaniment of agreeable "oui"s and "d'accord"s when they told me it was ok that I couldn't find it, being so "caché" being many tall buildings. I was then complimented heavily on how well I speak French, and changed my mind again that, in fact, I do not hate the French.

Notre-Dâme was great. So beautiful... but what isn't here. We proceeded to explore the area and found a treasure of petits cafés, stores, etc., but as it was beginning to rain a tad we headed home. Since it was still early in the evening we decided to look for a smaller museum, and found one housing all of Monet's works. After an hour or searching for the infamous "Water Lillies" we all but gave up. Priya was NOT happy that this painting was no where to be found... seriously? what a gyp. (Ok, 5 euro to see all of Monet and upwards of 10 other artists' works, maybe the word "gyp" is a little hasty.. not to mention un-PC... i think...) ...Until...! we stumbled across the gift shop, which had a secret staircase leading to all of the famous works from Monet. Why the sign wasn't more clear is beyond belief, but we would have missed almost 2/3rds of his works. There it was. "Water Lillies" Oh Priya was so happy, like a child on Christmas morn. 

More happened that day but oh well... The next day was our last day of classes for our orientation. Thank effing GOD.

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