Thursday, January 15, 2009

So many dead people, so little time

The title refers to the fact that after class, Wednesday we went to Le Cimitière Père-Lachaise... which is the most astoundingly gigantic graveyard right in the middle of Paris. It's miles long, and sprawls across and up a huge hill, so when you look up it looks like an undead village of grave-houses and at any moment one might come out and say "hello" although I suppose in this case "bonjour." Non? When you look down from the top, you can see a few miles of graves... and not just ordinary graves, there are almost all huge, beautifully designed graves, mausoleum style. This is cemetery where Édith Piaf, Jim Morrison, Delacroix, Chopin, and many others are buried. Its eerily very beautiful, especially in the still winter-esque, around-dusk time we were there.

The next day (today as of writing this post) was by far the best day in Paris, and perhaps one of the most memorable in my life.

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