Friday, April 24, 2009

Tunisia, land of opportunity

So, I found out (not that recently, just lazy poster... shall I say 3 weeks ago?) that I will be in Tunisia for the summer doing a marketing internship for some non-profit through AIESEC! I will be living in the centre ville area in an apartment with a Brazilian girl, a German guy, a Swiss girl, and a Canadian... add me as an American and you can have your own little sitcom, now throw us all into a mediterranean city in the Arab world... oh my. At least, these are the details I have been told, so lets hope they are accurate. 

I leave in one week! Eek! Time to polish up that Arabic.... Tunis, here I come!

Alhamdulilah, my parentals are coming for this one week, so its a nice break between by French adventures and my Tunisian adventures, and most importantly, they can take all of the extra winter clothes and other excess that I wont be needing in constant 80 degree weather that I've collected in France back to the US for me! Score.

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